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A babbelaar with the coffee is not only tradition but is still tasty. With this oyster basket filled with ‘Zeeuwse Hearts’ chocolate bars, spiced biscuit, coffee capsules from ‘the Zeeuwse Branding Coffee company’, a bottle of 100 ml. Searoop; Zeeland syrup made from Zeeland herbs, berries and fruits) and of course a can of old Dutch butterscotch you give something special! We can also fill this basket with your personal preferences, tastes and wishes. Please contact us at

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Oyster basket filled with Zeeuwse Zeeroop syrup bottle, 2 Zeeuwse Hearts chocolate bars, a pack of Zeeuwse Branding coffee capsules, an oval can with old Dutch butterscotch and a packet of Zeeland speculaas (spiced biscuit).

(for the ingredients declarations, look at the individual products)

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