Zeeuwse Hartjes’ DELUXE’ in a bag

Zeeuwse Hearts DELUXE in milk, pure and caramel made of the finest caramel gold chocolate with pieces of real ‘babberlaar‘, rice crispies and sea salt. Not only a good, but especially a nice combination. The bags have a top card of special Zeeland design. Nice to give and to get.



DELUXE DELUXE (10 pieces) made of Caramel Gold chocolate filled with real chunks of old Dutch butterscotch, rice crispies and sea salt packed per 100 gr. in a bag with special Zeeland design.

Nutritional values ​​Zeeuwse Hartjes Deluxe

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Average nutritional values ​​

Per 100 g

Per candy of approx. 10 g


2388 kJ / 571 kcal

239kJ / 57 kcal


8 g ​​

0.8 g


of which



& nbsp;

50 g

5.1 g

& nbsp;

5 g


of which


37 g

& nbsp;

23 g

3.7 g

& nbsp;

2.3 g


0.5 g

0.05 g

& nbsp;

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, full and meager milk powder butter (3%), whey powder, glucose syrup, natural vanilla flavor , soy lecithin. Full caramel gold, milk caramel gold, pure caramel gold, chocolate contain resp. at least 30.4%, 33.6% and 54.5% cocoa constituents.

Cocoa constituents: from sustainable production and development according to the sustainability program of Cocoa Horizons Foundation. A heart (about 10 grams) contains approx. 3.5%

% GDA: (Daily Dietary Guideline) reference intake of an average adult: 8400 kJ / 2000 kcal

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